ecobee3 Thermostat with Sensor

Smart homes are becoming more and more popular. It’s not just because it looks cool to have a smarter home.

No, it’s because smart homes actually save you money! Sure, you’ll have a little bit of an upfront cost with purchasing the products. The products are designed to make your home a lot more energy efficient. Your energy bills are about to be cut down significantly!

One easy way to do this is to switch out your thermostat. If you haven’t changed your thermostat, you’re already behind. Thermostats just don’t work very well, and changing to a smart thermostat could literally save you hundreds each year!

The Ecobee3 thermostat with sensor is an amazing 2nd generation thermostat. It is going to make your home more energy efficient. Compared to the previous generation this thermostat is This thermostat generation is a lot better and more user friendly. You won’t want to go back!

Best Features

If you have a voice activated smart device already connected to your home, you can use it with this thermostat. You could be changing the air temperature just by using your voice!

  • very smart – it begins to learn when you are turning your air off and on.
  • creates a unique energy profile for your home. will also take in data from the weather outside to make you more comfortable and save you money.
  • it sense whether anyone is in the room and it will turn on and off automatically.
  • Save an average of 23% each month, so the price you pay upfront of $145 ends up paying for itself!

What’s Included

  • Many users reported that this product was much easier to use than the Nest and other competitor’s products.
  • It is also more affordable than some of the other smart thermostats out there.
  • The thermostat is very easy to install, and those who had issues with the thermostat were able to call customer service and talk to someone immediately.
  • The room sensors are nice because some rooms may never be occupied and therefore don’t need the heat or cool air going to them, so it can save you even more money.
  • Some users had issues with customer service because they can only help if you have everything you need like correct tools to get into your thermostat and HVAC unit.

Final Verdict

Ecobee has successfully created thermostats that are smarter and more efficient, and this one is no different. Changing out your thermostat can really revolutionize your home, no matter how old it is. If you want a modern and user friendly thermostat and like to save energy cost you need this Ecobee3 thermostat.