The best smart sensors you can buy in 2021

Once you get any of the best Alexa compatible devices online, you can command them without having to say anything at all, too. When you know how to use Alexa to create routines, you can make the assistant turn on your smart lights if it hears your smoke detector, or change the temperature on your thermostat when you leave or return home. Or maybe you just want to Netflix and chill; you can use an Alexa-compatible device to find your favorite show. 

Many of the sensors you pick up today are wireless and battery-powered, allowing you to place them wherever you like. But the position of these sensors is key; if you have professional installing your smart home they should be able to provide some pointers – or just do it for you.

There are many sensors out there designed to fulfill different purposes: movement sensors, light sensors, temperature sensors, and plenty more. And there’s a huge range of different methods for how these sensors work and how they transmit data; Zigbee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and a whole lot more.

Of all the various smart home devices, smart plugs are the most ubiquitous, but the best Alexa compatible smart plug is the all-new Wemo WiFi Smart Plug. We like its compact size, Home/Away mode, and how it works all the major voice assistants.

Here are the best door and window sensors of 2021